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Web Hoax

Even experts get bitten by the rumor bug.

Sara Scribner has blogged about the importance of school librarians in the digital age, especially when it comes to training students about reliable and unreliable sources of information. So you’d think she wouldn’t have been thrown by Jenny the Dry-Erase Girl—a young woman who told the story about quitting her job as a broker’s assistant in a photo essay of messages written on a dry-erase board. “I’ve had training and have had many false facts and crazy hoaxes revealed to me, and yet I bought it. Ridiculous,” Scribner said….

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Twelve presidential libraries spanning the Herbert Hoover to Bill Clinton administrations have teamed up to create the Presidential Timeline of the 20th Century, a multimedia online archive.

The project currently contains 940 primary and secondary documents, some of which were previously available only to scholars. Contributing archivists estimate that continual updates will eventually bring the website’s total number of records into the millions.

What you will find: documents, diaries, maps, photo galleries, audio recordings, video clips, and classroom projects for teachers. You can search each administration individually, and the site provides a separate section for educators to download material (including audio and video files) for use in educational activities.

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