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Did you know that WSC Library users have [free] access to 2 databases that provide virtual treasure troves of local history online?

First, check out Digital Treasures, a digital library collection of the agricultural and industrial history of Central and Western MA. The collection includes historical images from Athol, Hudson, Lancaster, Northampton, Worcester and more.

Also, Massachusetts History Online [a Gale Cengage database] provides access to almost 250,000 full text articles from over 50 sources that relate directly to Massachusetts history.

From the cover of The Worcester Magazine, August 1910 showing construction of the “new” Union Station. Retrieved from Digital Treasures.


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Massachusetts residents can sign up for a temporary (6 month) Boston Public Library eCard via the Web.

These virtual library cards allow users immediate access to all of the Boston Public Library’s electronic resources, including magazine databases, downloadable audio, video and music.

For more information, see the BPL’s eCard FAQ site. There is also a link to this along with the main BPL page on the WSC Library Website under Other Libraries.

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