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Copying works, fair use, linking instead of copying, displaying works of art and performing works in classes are just a few of the confusing copyright issues facing teaching faculty in academic settings today.

Fortunately, there are 2 resources that can help. From the Association of American Publishers and others, there is a short brochure entitled Questions & Answers for the Campus Community. Another resource is from the Association of Research Libraries, entitled Know Your Copy Rights – this site also has links to more resources for teaching faculty.


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Swine Flu Link

Get the facts about the H1N1 Virus from the relaible Medline Plus Health site at http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/h1n1fluswineflu.html  Easy to understand explanation, and precautions everyone can take to prevent the spread of this virus.

Latest news and updates are also posted to this site as they are announced.

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The SciFinder database is moving from a client (on campus only) platform to a new Web version. You have to login to their secure site and create your personal account. When you get a confirming e-mail from the CSA company, you will be able to login from any computer – on campus, dorm, home, or work.

Like any of our subscription databases, you will still have to connect through the Library Website proxy server to authenticate as a valid Worcester State Library user. You will then be taken to the CSA secure site where you login with your personal SciFinder account. To get started using this database, go to the Library Website and click on Articles & Databases  for the alphabetical listing of all databases, or click on Subject Guides and use the link on the Science page.

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Our library Website has been redesigned. New features:

  • New Getting Started page – Find Books, Find Articles, Find Research Help
  • Improved layout and menus; fewer clicks to find what you need
  • Access the Library Catalog, Articles and Databases, Hours, and Ask a Librarian on every page
  • Extended Research help for students on choosing and focusing a topic, evaluating Web sites, links to Web directories and more

Visit the new site at: http://www.worcester.edu/library

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